love.Sarah Rene

I am love.Sarah Rene (LSR) an Artist, Story-Teller, Educator and Mentor located in the Philadelphia area.

As a child I loved playing outside while it rained. My mother allowed me to become soaked by spring's heavy downpours, jumping into puddles during the warmer months. One day after a rainfall, and seeing a beautiful rainbow, my brother, the neighborhood kids, and I were allowed to create things in the mud. I made several mud pies, imagining them more as burgers and flattened them as such. I essentially was experimenting with earth. The interest in the plasticity of clay, the building of landscapes, and its surfaces are features in my work.

My creativity is twofold, with practices in art educational studies and personal avenues in community and studio practices. The unifying factors are my ideas that surround Home/Space, Nature & Nurture, and alt-history. LivebyLSR is an overlapping of all ideas, with images and ideas features on the ceramic surface.

enjoy your time -eh